The Island of Pag has over the years become one of the most famous Croatian islands. Ten years ago, Zrce was just a wild beach in the heart of the 'moonscape' on the island Pag, but today it is well know as one of the hottest world destinations for clubbers, a place where music pumps and parties go on and on for 24 hours a day with the biggest DJ names in the world!

If you’re already well informed about Novalja or are one of our regular Papaya club guests, we will refresh your memory and reward your loyalty with a host of new information, so that you know exactly what new is happening in Novalja at all times, whether you’ve already been here or have yet to plan your trip.

As a fan of this extraordinary destination, you will soon find out that Novalja stands out due to the beauty and uniqueness of its beaches, its untouched landscapes, its clubbing offers during the daytime and night, the quality of its cultural and historical sites, the multitude of facilities for sports and recreation...

Join us, for our distinguished hospitality and a memorable holiday are awaiting you!

The destination

Everything you need to know about the island of Pag and Novalja besides the fact that your chances of taking a selfie with a sheep are pretty big.

The island of Pag is a 63 km long and 5 km wide island of the Adriatic sea, covering an area of 284 square kilometres. Novalja (read: Novalya) is a town in the north of the island of Pag in the Croatian part of Adriatic Sea. With approximately 3,350 inhabitants, Novalja is known as a popular holiday destination due to its pristine beaches and crystal clean sea.

For the last few years, the whole north part of the island has also become widely known as "The Croatian Ibiza". The reason for that is the famous beach Zrce, declared as the #1 party spot in Croatia and one of the biggest summer party zones in Europe, with its numerous clubs popular among Croatian celebrities and party people from all around the world.


The Pag Triangle

Just a few kilometres from Novalja, on a mountain peak called Velo Tusto Celo, there is a natural phenomenon, an imprint in the rocks known as the Pag Triangle. This is an isosceles triangle on the ground measuring 32x32x22 meters and shaped like an iron print. A visit to this site requires a little skill as there are no tracks and you have to climb over the rocks. Although this phenomenon hasn't been fully researched, its existence is often associated with the appearance of UFOs over the entire Pag area in the past.

Centuries-Old Olive Grove

The Lun olive groves represent a true oasis and one of the most scenic and beautiful corners of our island. Among the countless olive trees, there are about 1500 wild olive trees – Olea Oleaster – measuring about 5-8 metres in height and about 20 – 80 cm in DBH. 
This area of wild olives, which covers 24 hectares of space, is the only one of its kind in the Adriatic Sea region and it has great botanical value. Due to its special characteristics, it was protected and proclaimed a botanical preserve in 1963. 
The Olive Gardens of Lun project commenced in 2010 and will be completed during 2013. The aim of the project is to protect the natural and cultural values and to promote this unique landscape. The Olive Gardens of Lun project is mostly financed by pre-accession EU fund grants. 

Ancient Aqueduct - Talijanova buža

The greatest treasure is our unique ancient aqueduct from the 1st century, carved out of solid rock. This one-of-a-kind Roman aqueduct, popularly known as Talijanova buža, supplied Novalja with water from the Novalja fields. The aqueduct is 1.2 km long, with a width ranging from 60 to 70 cm and 9 surface or air openings, which can be up to 40 m in height. The entrance to this town water supply system is located inside the Town Museum, which boasts some of Novalja's cultural and ethnological heritage.

Zrće beach

A beach that has it all – parties at almost every time of day, crystal clear sea, more adrenaline and fun activities than you have the time to try, perfect atmosphere and beautiful people from all around the world!

Croatia's most famous beach Zrce, has become the place where beautiful people flock in search of hedonistic parties with the world’s biggest DJs. Zrce beach has established itself as the no.1 after beach party location in Europe with over one million visitors each summer. The mild Mediterranean climate of the whole island provides warm and sunny weather throughout the summer. There's a great variety of restaurants, bars and cafés which offer a large selection of different Mediterranean and light Croatian summer dishes, cocktails and a very warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere throughout night and day. Those who have experienced the thrill of Zrce beach with all of its facilities agree that it’s one of the best party spots in the world - you can relax and enjoy at the chill out lounge areas inside the clubs, taste different types of food, participate in various sports and adrenaline activites or simply sunbathe on the shore of beautiful pebble beaches and take long swims in the clear Adriatic. Besides that, you have the opportunity to participate in sports, adrenaline and fun programs that include water skiing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, bungee jumping, banana boating, tubing, beach football, volleyball, „pedalina“ riding etc.

The main feature of Europe’s most attractive beach is its amazing selection of clubs with very affordable prices, especially in comparison with other famous party spots that have similar party concepts. Zrce and the beach situated right next to it, Bura Bura beach, together consist of 5 clubs. When moving from the beginning of Zrce beach, first you come across Kalypso club, following with Euphoria club, Aquarius club and Papaya club. After passing Papaya, you will find yourself at Bura Bura beach which hosts one more club - Noa Beach club. All clubs host parties on a daily basis during warm summer months and most of them organize big After Beach Parties as well. Zrce beach has become this popular mainly because of its festivals - you can find numerous festivals of various music genres happening every week from June to September.

Getting around

Useful information and contacts

Croatia area code: +385

Novalja area code: (0)53

Novalja post code: 53291

The Novalja tourist board
Trg Brišćić 1, 53 291 NOVALJA

tel. +385/(0)53 661 404,
fax +385/(0)53 663 238
Police (192)
Ul. braće Radić 9, tel. +385 (0)53 675 860
Firefighters (112/193)
Zeleni put b.b., tel: +385 (0)53 661 200
Ambulance (112)
Zeleni put b.b., tel: +385 (0)53 661 200
Špital 3, tel. +385 (0)53 662 505
Atm's only

Zrce beach, in front of Papaya club
Trg Loža 1 (hotel Loža)


HIPERNOVALIS, Špital b.b.,

camping Straško,

supermarket KONZUM, Slatinska 1

Ul. braće Radić b.b.,

HIPERNOVALIS, Špital b.b.,

GAJAC, A-8 (Veliki trg)

Šetalište hrvatskih mornara b.b., Slatinska 36

camping STRAŠKO

Obala Kneza Domagoja 1
Banks and Atm's
ERSTE BANKA, Ul. braće Radić 2,
tel. 062/37 63 99, 37 67 70

PRIVREDNA BANKA, Trg bazilike b.b.,
tel. +385 (0)53 553 100

tel. +385 (0)1 603 18 35, +385 (0)1 603 18 36

Exchange office
PAPAYA TRAVEL Agency, Slatinska bb,
RUBIKON, Ul. braće Radić 2,
tel. +385 (0)53 662 662,
Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV. 5
A.T.D. agency, Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV. 4, tel. +385 (0)53 663 677

FINA – Finance agency, Trg Loža 1,
tel. +385 (0)53 661 351
Car rental
Avant car
tel. 0800 200 201
Gas stations
INA, Špital b.b.,
tel. +385 (0)91 49 71 318

INA - for boats, Obala kneza Domagoja 2,
tel. +385 (0)91 49 71 317

tel. +385 (0)91 46 41 370 – gas for car too
Croatia Airlines
tel. +385 (0)72 500 505
tel. +385 (0)1 6676 555
Internet Cafe / free wifi
HOTEL TERRA, Slatinska 51
HOTEL LOŽA, Trg Loža 1

 GAUDINJO, Ul. braće Radić b.b.


LA PALOMA, Trg bazilike 1

NEWS CAFE, Trg Loža b.b.
NOVALJA TURIST, Slatinska 55

PLAC, Trg bazilike b.b.

PAPAYA CLUB, Zrce beach
KALYPSO, Zrce beach
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