Sand APP 3 (4+2)
Sand APP 3 (4+2)
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70 kv.m.

House Sand is located near the center of Novalja. It is very close to the pebble beach, restaurants and bars. The house is divided into five apartments. All the apartments are equipped with air-conditioning, wi-fi, bathroom and kitchen utilities. There are two four person apartments with a double bed and sofa bed for two. There are two apartments for six with two double beds and sofa bed for two. Also there is one apartment for three people with one single  and one double bed. All the apartments  have their own balconies or terrace and guests are guaranteed a parking spot.

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Rijk Van Der Velde
We chose the Airbnb for its good location and the pictures you see on Airbnb. However, there was a lot more to be disappointed about than to be pleased about. When we drove from our first holiday spot (Plitvice) to Novalja, we arrived at the indicated address. This address was not correct and we had to wait half an hour for a response from Papaya. They also didn't answer the phone several times. When they finally came up with a response, they indicated that we had to come to a certain place to check in (Obilaznica 5, opposite Moon Rocks hostel). So this was not as they indicated via Airbnb, because there it is mentioned that the host welcomes you. When we were checking in, we were first asked for a €150 deposit. I am experienced with Airbnb and know that you never pay a deposit here. When I mentioned this, it was quickly said that we did not have to pay. However, the lady behind the counter then tried to ask for 'tourist tax'. This was 10 Kuna per person per night. So this would come out to about €25 extra, on top of the price we paid. They are not allowed to ask this either and we quickly got out of the way when I started discussing this. They also made photos of our passports and these were thrown into a W’app group, which I find very weird and sketchy. After this unpleasant experience, we were given the correct address and a Papaya host would welcome us there. He never showed up and we received the keys from an older Croatian man who did not speak English. This man was the owner of the property and not Papaya. Once we arrived at the Airbnb, we encountered a number of annoying things. 1. First of all, there was no washing machine, as was indicated. 2. When you turned on the aircon, the whole flat stank of vinegar. Also the filter of the airco was very dirty (I took pictures of this). 3. In the bathroom there was an unbelievable smell of sewage. It almost made you nauseous. 4. The blinds were defective and because of this you woke up at 07:00 in the morning because of the light. 5. There were only party animals around us and because of this you constantly heard music, shouting and you had no peace in the flat. Also at the check-out there would be someone from Papaya present at 09:00 to check us out and receive the key. At 09:30 no one was there and we handed the key over to the older Croatian man who spoke no English. All in all, you pay far too much money for what you get and a large part of our holiday was ruined by the attempted scam and the accommodation not being in the right condition. I will also be contacting Airbnb to discuss these issues and see if we can get compensation for what we experienced.
Datum:   2022-08-31

  Orlje 72, 53291 Novalja, Croatia

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  Papaya travel agency
Geo: 44.565492, 14.877005




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